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Renner & Company is vertically integrated to provide our customers with the best cost solution and the greatest value. Our Engineering team is cross functional and serves a variety of industries, from medical to food and beverage. They can help your company achieve its goals from design to prototype to production. We are an NEC full-service provider of industrial control panels, assemblies and engineering services for over 30 years. Let us find solutions that enhance performance, streamline processes and that are cost effective. From custom sheet metal designs to precision- machined parts and custom application-specific panel and control assemblies, Renner & Company is your full-service solution to bring your ideas to reality.
Stainless steel bowls, trays, racks, shelving, hangers, tables, carts, stands, clamps, and custom-application assemblies

Custom Automation Solutions

Design, Re-Engineer, Prototype & Production





Our Engineering Team is ready to help you move your product concept from the Design or Re-engineering stage to the Prototype or Production stage. We will help you attain the highest quality standards that your customers require and deserve...and keep them coming back time and time again.

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